Exequiel Balut

Exequiel Balut is an Argentine contemporary artist known for his expressionist paintings. His works are characterized by the use of thick lines that generously shape faces and bodies, fused with a strong use of flat color in various tones and textures. His works are often composed of eyes, mouths, noses and ears, intent to point attention to the human senses, however subjective the outcome of human perception is. Form begets a dialogue between the physical impact of the surroundings and the inner world. In his process, Balut embraces impulse and ‘mistakes’ to connect with the unconscious, offering a genuine and somewhat childish invitation to reimagine the complexity of being through paint strokes and color. In a unique watercolor technique, after completion, every canvas is washed in the ocean and dried in the jungle, where he currently resides. It is Balut’s circling back to the conversation and receiving the opinion of the elements that provoked it. He believes it’s a relevant, authentic and necessary conversation.

Acrylic on Canvas
150 x 150 cms

4,250 USD – 85,000 MX