Matt Cave

Matt is a wood artist. He has been sculpting wood for almost 20yrs. Growing up he always thought he would be a painter, or a two dimensional artist. Now, focusing on a three-dimensional medium, he has slowly crafted out a happy life for himself carving wood.
Predominantly, he sculpts figurative work and enjoys the human form. Though he has worked on a very diverse range of projects over the years. “The wonders of wood allow every new undertaking to be an adventure, you never quite know what grain or characteristics will be unearthed, when cutting into a new log, or project,” the artist says.
Matt works mainly with salvaged wood, and old fallen trees. Most often heavily decayed with hollows, cracks, and many other features and perplexities. He’s thankful to not be directly responsible for too many trees being felled and appreciates the chance to make things of merit and beauty, from otherwise discarded wood.

Lady of The Night
105 x 60 x 24 cms

2,500 USD – 50,000 MX